Sunday, September 26, 2021

July 2021 - Swingle Family Reunion

For the 4th of July Kyle smoked ribs and we hosted a little neighborhood BBQ.  It was fun to be able to get together and visit with the Statens, Beagleys, and Kollers.

We held our first Swingle family reunion this month in southern Utah.  Emily planned it all and did an amazing job.  We did a fun hike to a rock tunnel, went boating, 4 wheeling, did a drum circle, relay races, eating contest, lots of games, and a talent show.  One of the games was to tape candy to t-shirts and have all the cousins chase the person wearing the shirt to pull the candy off.  Marmie was the host for the little kids, so they grabbed all her candy and then gave her big hugs.  It was adorable.  Sara wore the candy shirt for the middle age group, and Kyle wore it for the teenagers.  For the talent show our family lip synced to It's Raining Tacos.  Tad was super into it but Liam held on to me, screaming and crying, for the whole song.  Tyler helped Marmie with magic tricks and thought it was sooo cool.  He's been obsessed with magic and Marmie ever since.  Their stage names were Francis and Melva.  The eating contest escalated from cheeto puffs to dried bugs, sardines, and cat food.  The Lunas were the undisputed champions.  During the reunion we earned tickets for different events and got to buy stuff at a family store at the end.

Tyler and Tad are great at making baby Nathan laugh.  I caught it a couple of times on video--

Alexa was excited to get her first pair of contacts, especially for sports.  She's growing up with her pierced ears and contacts :).

And other nonsense...

I caught the kids pretending to be pioneers together and living in "the olden days" :)

Funny stories:

Playing a game where you have to name 3 things in that category within 5 seconds:

Artists. Tyler: Bob Ross, I literally don't know any others. Me: What about Picasso? Tyler: Nope, never heard of him. That sounds like pistachio. 

Rappers. Tyler and Alexa: ooh, snickers! No, ziplock! Me: no, like the singers. Like rap music. Tyler: Twix! 

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