Sunday, January 3, 2021

September 2020 - Yellowstone

It was nice to be off work for the month of September and have some family time.  Liam and I got to walk Tad to preschool and spend time at the park.  Often Liam would ride his wiggle car to Tad's school and then they would both ride it home together.  It was hilarious, here's a video.  I got to be there when the older kids got home from school.  And cuddle Nathan all day every day.

We were excited to meet cute baby Harlem in September.  She and Nathan are 2 weeks apart.  Craig is a natural Dad and so cute and comfortable with her.  I guess it comes from being an uncle for so long.  And you can tell Chelsea is so happy to be a Mom and is so sweet with her baby girl.  Such a darling family.  Poor Chelsea lost her voice from screaming during labor, but baby girl is all worth it.

We planned a trip to Yellowstone with the Wilsons.  They have a family Airbnb in Island Park that we were able to use.  It was so fun to go together!  We stopped at Bear World and saw tons of wildlife.  Buffalo, lots of bears, moose, elk, etc.  Even some cute, cute baby bears!  The petting zoo had baby deer that were really friendly.  Bear World also had a section with carnival rides that was free with admission to the park.

We saw lots of geysers and hot springs, and did the mandatory trip to Old Faithful.  I was shocked by how busy the park was in the middle of September, well after Labor Day.  It was sooo crowded.  Most of the shops and restaurants are closed because of COVID, but all of the outdoor recreation was going strong.  We played outside in the park all day and then came home to the cabin for dinner and more playing inside at night.  We even swapped kids in our cars.  We had the all boys car and the Wilsons took the girls.  Nathan travelled really well.  

Look at Tad's amazing drawing of Spider Man!  Such a cutie.  

I walked into our play room and laughed to see this stuffed animal wearing a face mask bonnet.  Only in 2020.  

Kyle flew out to Kentucky to help Todd and Melissa with some projects on their home.  They painted the exterior of the house, replaced the garage door, and ...?  My mom is a saint and flew out here to be with me while Kyle was gone.  While she was here we went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point.  The kids got to ride ponies and milk a cow!  It was a cool experience.  

We gave away all of our baby kittens.  2 went to the midwife who delivered Nathan and the other 2 went to a family in our neighborhood.  

We blessed sweet baby Nathan right after Charlotte's baptism.  He looked so dapper in his new outfit from Marmie.  

School is definitely different with COVID.  One thing we've had to adjust to is the fact that the kids aren't allowed to bring lunch boxes to school.  Everything has to be disposable.  So they take brown paper bags and pack things mostly in ziplock bags.  It's strange.  Alexa will take spaghetti or salad and eat it out of a ziplock bag haha. 

Misc photos from this month:

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