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July 2014 - Summer, time with Dad, and Thrive games

The kids love to play in the car and pretend to drive together (no keys allowed!), as well as play soccer.  Tyler is constantly saying "ball" and "kick!"  He happily entertains himself with a ball of any kind for hours. Alexa always wants to go outside after dinner so we can play in the yard.

Tyler is starting to talk a lot more recently and is to the point that he will repeat us, which I love! Some of the words he says often are bird, bawk bawk (how he asks for more chicken to eat :), ball, baby, more food or drink please ("mo ink peas"), wake up, bye bye, hi, button, moo, and other things I'm forgetting right now.  One of his favorite games is to have Kyle pretend that he's sleeping so that he can wake him up and be tickled.

Kyle gave our backyard a huge makeover in May and June.  He redid all of the sprinkler lines, tampered the lawn so it would lay flat, built a retaining wall across the whole back fence, built cedar compost boxes, and laid grass seed.   He also ripped out our large (20 foot?) pine tree in the front yard.

If you weren't already aware, Kyle is the best dad ever.  He is always doing fun things with the kids.  I come home from work to them reading books under the table or in a blanket fort, taking horsey rides on his back, or other ridiculously fun things.  He even took the kids on a bus ride to a park in Orem to have a picnic lunch there with their friends.  They thought the bus was the greatest thing ever.

Thrive Life holds an annual sports competition with events ranging from volleyball and basketball to Wii Dance and foosball.  I competed in ping pong, tennis, and foosball.  Ironically, I lost to one of the company owners in every event!  But I got second in ping pong and third in tennis and had lots of fun.  Our chef personally requested that Kyle help him on the grill, Alexa rocked the kids' water balloon fight, and Tyler was a champ at ice cream eating.

We have been enjoying the summer by playing outside with neighbors and friends.  Alexa is just now to the age that friends have started coming over and knocking on the door to ask if she can play.  And trying to teach her how to skateboard apparently.  Ouch.

We took the kids and the pups on a long hike up the Y and I was so proud that Alexa made it the whole way.  It's a steep hike and it took us about two hours.  I remember it only taking a half hour when I did it last time with college students, but we had a few stops for trail mix and there was lots of singing and rock finding and little footsteps.  What an awesome 3 year-old.

We convinced Granny to come to the aquarium with us last weekend and it was great to have her there along with Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa Sweeny officially moved out here at the end of June and we love it!  Grandpa started his cello lessons last week and he practices for Granny every day while Grandma takes a nap.  It's perfect!  The kids all chipped in and gave him the lessons and cello rental for his retirement gift.


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