Sunday, March 22, 2020

January 2020 - Minute to win it and wrestle mania

We rang in the new year with Minute to Win it games.  And we stayed in our jammies all day :).  The games included tying a banana around our waist and using it to scoot an apple across the room, sticking our faces in a bowl of whipped cream to find a single blueberry, dressing each other up like snow men using toilet paper for the snow, scooping Cheerios from a spoon held between our teeth and moving them to another bowl, and then some good old fashioned living room corn hole.  We used the Netflix count downs to put the kids to bed early, but Alexa stayed up with Kyle and I until midnight watching the Apple Dumpling Gang on Disney+.

Video links:

We went to the Butterfly Biosphere with Forest and Jen and did soldier hollow tubing with the Lunas. It was the Lunas Christmas gift to us, which I thought was so awesome!  Side note--we accidentally locked ourselves out of our bedroom that morning and don't have a key to our room!  It's a real key, not one where you can pop the lock.  It took us almost an hour and the help of a neighbor to break into our room.  YouTube videos on how to pick locks failed me entirely, and so did a slew of bobby pins and paper clips.  Kyle immediately bought new door knobs and changed them out.

Also, I caught on video a standard wrestle mania night in our house.  Lots of boys = lots of wrestling.  

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