Sunday, October 8, 2017

September - Triple Crown

We enjoyed our Labor Day break from work and school.  We tried a bunch of pools in Orem and Provo and they were all closed, so we hit the splash pad, playground, and made fruit pizza.  Tad got into the frosting while the other kids and I were chopping up fruit ;).

Miss Alexa had a 1 mile race she competed in for school called the Triple Crown.  She ran the whole way and gave Cosmo the Cougar a high five after she crossed the finish line.

We had a ward camp out and based on the lack of sleep with Tad on our last camping trip and the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant, I sent the big kids off with Dad and took a rain check.  Tad and I made macaroni and cheese for dinner, went to the playground for a couple of hours, read lots of books, and spent the morning playing and eating waffles and fruit.  It was nice to have dedicated one-on-one time with Tad with no distractions and it made me want to do it more often with each of the kids.

Tyler and Alexa paid their tithing for the first time and were really cute about it.  Tyler paid $0.05 from his piggy bank and Alexa paid $0.25.  They filled out the form and gave their forms to the Bishop, which Kyle actually got to process and said it made him all choked up.  Then Alexa bore her testimony in sacrament meeting about how when we pay our tithing it makes Heavenly Father smile and how He loves us so much.  The Bishop cried.  And after church Tyler said Mom, look how strong I am and flexed his muscles.  I asked if it was because he had been doing exercises and he said no it was because he paid his tithing.

In other news, Tyler gave Alexa and I pedicures and manicures and it was cute and fun.  And we're at the final countdown with baby #4.  Pictured below at 37 weeks.

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